Auto Insurance

America is a nation of drivers and passengers. With just short of 200 million licensed drivers in our country, Automobile Insurance isn’t just important, it’s an absolute necessity.

We purchase auto insurance to protect ourselves and our families not only from our actions but more importantly, from the actions of others.

When shopping for Auto insurance, you will commonly be asked for how much liability protection you want, if you want comp and collision coverage and what deductibles you’d like, and finally what additional coverages you’re interested in like Rental Reimbursement, Tape Coverage etc. Lastly, you’re given a price. Generally, this price covers an annual, 6-month or monthly premium amount. The entire experience can be extremely impersonal.

At A.L. Insurance we take the responsibility of advising customers about Auto Insurance seriously. You’ll get more than just a few basic questions. We inquire into all relevant areas, providing education and pertinent answers to all your questions.

American auto insurance customers have risk management exposures in areas such as Liability (the actions of others), Property (your vehicle and its contents), Medical (your medical bills), Disability (your inability to work) and Life Insurance (if the tragic accident occurs). Automobile insurance, to get it right, requires the assistance.

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