Life Insurance

Protection against the loss of income that results from an unexpected, untimely death. The sole objective of Life Insurance is to provide financial security to your loved ones during an extremely emotional event.

In other words, Life Insurance protects you from dying too soon.

With Life Insurance in place, your named beneficiary receives a lump sum of money equal to the provisions of the policy you purchased. After an initial two year period (for most policies) called incontestibility where suicide is excluded, there are no restrictions on your policy limit being passed immediately to your named beneficiary(s). It is truly the one insurance policy we purchase for everyone else but ourselves! Email an agent to have one of our Life Insurance experts contact you right away. Don’t wait… call, email or visit us today!

Important Considerations/Features of Life Insurance:

  • Death Benefit – The amount of insurance for which you choose to insure yourself or loved ones.
  • Tax free proceeds from the death benefit – Applicable to both Term and Permanent Plans
  • Conversion – Converting an expiring term plan to a permanent plan guarantee’s your insurability into the future
  • Cash Value Accumulation – Within most permanent plans, some tax-deferred growth of cash value exists
  • Beneficiary – You name primary and contingent beneficiaries who will be the recipients of the policy you purchase
  • Policy Loans – Within permanent plans once a cash value is accumulated, policy loans against that cash value can be taken at your discretion, subject to policy provisions
  • Surrender Values – Within cash value plans there exists a policy surrender feature which allows you to take cash value out when you need it. (subject to policy provisions)

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