Clients of A.L. Insurance Group, Inc. now have access to an impressive group of vital, non-insurance specific business consultation services.

Most of these are provided free of charge! Following is just a partial list of additional value-added services that A.L. Insurance clients enjoy:

  • Human Resource Consultations
  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Organizational & Strategic Planning
  • Browser Based HR Administration Programs
  • Training, Education Tools & Assistance
  • OSHA Specific Education & Resources
  • Labor Law Consultations
  • Workers’ Compensation Assistance
  • General Legal and Contract Review
  • Expense Reduction Opportunities
  • Caliper and other Pre-Employment Testing

The affiliation between A.L. Insurance Group, Inc. and BizAssure is not a typical business to business relationship. It is a partnership. As such, your decision to do business with one affords you the ability to work with the other. These services are valuable, relevant to today’s business climate and extremely cost effective. In most cases, there are substantial discounts or the services are absolutely free because of your decision to work with A.L. Insurance Group, Inc.

Our agency recently attended the annual BizAssure service conference.  More tools, more services and improved support has been added to the already very deep BizAssure menu of services.  If you are an existing business client and not currently enrolled, contact us soon.  These services WILL save you money, time and/or efficiency…for most businesses, up to an average of $800 per employee, per year!

If you are an existing business-owner not currently insured through our brokerage, contact Ken Schmidt today for a quick overview of how these services can help your business save the same… Contact A.L. Insurance Group, Inc. soon to make sure you understand all existing and new client benefits.