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BizAssure Business Consulting

Wouldn’t you like to receive more from your Business or Group Health Insurance agent than just an insurance policy? Ask us about BizAssure Business Consulting. Our agency provides access to a network of services that will save your business time, money and efficiency… above and beyond that of just your insurance premium. Find out more by talking to one our commercial or health insurance experts, or going direct to the BizAssure website. You’ll be glad you did!

Renewal Account Review

If you are an existing client of A.L. Insurance Services, Inc. you are the sole reason we exist. Our goal is to use our expertise to provide clients peace of mind through technology, teamwork, experience and a broad range of insurance products. That’s our mission for the agency. How do we deliver this to you, our renewal client? By making sure your current program accounts for every imaginable and insurable future problem. We can only do this with your help. We have over the past year implemented processes to ensure contact with all of our renewal clients. Whether it’s by mail, email, voicemail or face-to-face, we’re planning on talking to all our customers as much as we can. A benefit to you as a renewal client is that we are always here ready to help. Call, email or visit us today to schedule a renewal review for your peace of mind. We’ll be looking forward to our conversation!

New Business Consultation

At A.L. Insurance Services, Inc. we have implemented a more holistic, total cost of risk management perspective when working with small to medium sized businesses. Traditionally, an insurance agency contacts you at renewal, asks for information, submits that information to its various insurance companies and then quotes you a price. Our preferred approach now is to save your company time, money or improve client efficiencies, regardless of the price of your insurance premium. It makes a lot more sense to us and likely, to you as well. We know the time spent within our business assessment will be well worth it…we just need a chance to convince you of it as well. Call, email or visit us today to find out more about our new approach to an old process!

Legal Shield Services

We have access to Legal Shield Services via numerous business partners. Soon, we may have our own agent providing these value based services. We can coordinate an overview for you and your family on how this plan can protect your legal costs now and into the future. For pennies a month, you can save thousands of dollars down the road in legal expenses. Call, email or visit us today to find out more!

Administrative Benefit Services

Have high deductibles on your Health Plan? High co-pays when you visit the doctor? Your business does not provide a dental plan but you’d like to help your employees with some of their expenses? If yes to any of these and many other questions, we can devise a pre or post-tax strategy of savings in order to pay for them. Whether it’s setting up a formal HSA program or using one of our sources of expertise to provide employer paid benefits in these areas, we can help. Call, email or visit us today to learn more.

Advanced Life Sales

If you or your business require a unique solution to a complex life insurance problem, call us immediately. Whether you need to protect the value of a key-person in your business, fund a partnership buy-sell agreement or simply need more protection than you have today, give us a call. From Annuities to Indexed Annuities, we can help. We’ll make sure you receive the right consultation, recommending the right solution, with the right product via the right professional. Call us right now!

Newsletter & Agency Information

In a near-term, future release of our website, we will be introducing a Newsletter section for our clients to enjoy. Continued education opportunities, safety programs, L&I concerns, labor issues, staff and process updates to our agency will all be included. A “Did You Know” section may even provide you an opportunity for a free cup of coffee. Tune in soon to see how it turns out.

How can A.L. Insurance Help?

We have over 100 years of combined experience to assist you and your household insure yourselves properly. Our staff is ready, willing and able to assist you today to make sure what you purchase is what you should purchase. Our agency reimburses employees for their continued education allowing our agents to keep their skills and knowledge current so they can assist you correctly and with up-to-date information.

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